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First Blog! Farm Updates and Babies!

Welcome to the First Orchard Acres Blog! I'm Tobias, one of 4 boys growing up on and helping with the farm. These blogs will be a daily recap of events on the farm to share the joy it has brought us, with images sprinkled in. Now, onto the fun stuff!

Babies, babies, and oh so many babies

We have had some of the busiest and most exhilarating months yet on our little farm. First, we brought in some more Teeswater sheep, 4 ewes and 1 lamb. Not even a week after, I noticed one of our sheep acting odd, and after attracting the attention of our neighbors and their children, we were graced with another new lamb on our farm, who my mom aptly titled 'Go Little rockstar' after she saw the new baby leaping around, and later heard the song on the radio. We all heave a sigh of relief after she's born healthy, and move on with our lives. Sitting in class the next day, I get a text from my mom. Not knowing what to expect, I look at it to see an image of a tiny lamb sprawled out in the field., another one of our sheep had given birth. Now, our expansion of 5 sheep had turned into 7 within a week. Continuing this pattern, some of our chicken eggs we had been trying to get to hatch did, giving us 3 more chicks. As I'm writing this, even more have hatched, giving us 4 more, for a total of 7 with more to come. Like the title says, so, so many babies.


See some of the newborns on Instagram here!


Future Projects

Because of this very sudden increase of livestock, some new infrastructure is needed. On the table currently is expanding into the apple orchard North of one of our fields because of the nice grass there. We need a new chicken and duck coop for the expected new babies, as well as a lean-to for our southern-most field (Both of which fall on me to design and build). So, we have some things to get working on, and hopefully you all will get to see the progress we make!

See you all soon, and don't forget to subscribe to the blog!

-Tobias Diwan and Newly Borns

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