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Breeding Stock

Our Breeding program consists of high precentage registrated Teeswater Sheep.  We started our flock with Teeswater sheep from all corners of the US to give our flock genetic diversity.  

Teeswater Sheep were imported from Teesdale England in the 1800's.   The numbers of Teeswater have declined over the many years as other long wool breeds became popular.  As of now the Teeswater is placed on the Critical list with the Livestock Conservancy, meaning that only 200 or less registered Teeswater live in the US and estimated global population of less than 500.

Sir Ronald

94.6 Percentage Teeswater

DOB May 9th 2022

ATSA Registration

not for Sale 

Go Little Rockstar

91.9 Percentage Teeswater

DOB May 7th 2022

ATSA RegistrationFor

Sale Currently Fall 2023

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