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Get to Know Us

How did we get here?  I think about this often.  I never thought I would leave my small town in Ohio that I lived in.  I went to college and the world opened up to me, and grad school introduced me to the love of hospital social work and my hubby.  From there we married and moved far from Ohio, to desert life, to Oregon city life, brief stay in long winters of Minnesota, and back to Ohio to live in a new city and settle for 10 years.  Did I mention in these first years we had four boys.  Each place gave me a new path, new adventures, Oregon city life introduced me to Portland Streetcar that led to Purl Knit, the yarn store I learned to knit!  That started me out with one of my greatest adventure, the world of wool, and creativity.  Now 2020, Covid and another move with teenage sons, one of the hardest years, but with all that struggle, I was pushed to see the world in a different way, a different story of my life started again.  The love and hard work of farming, shepherding, and seeing wool in a new light.   

The Team 


The Girls

Founders & CEO's

Our Teeswater Sheep have come from all corners of the US, South Dakota, Missouri and Oregon, and are ATSA registered.    The Teeswater Sheep are  on the Livestock Conservancy list of critical animals, with less than 200 annual registrations and 500 globally.  

The Teeswater sheep are a long wool sheep with very  lustrous, wavy, soft locks.  Microns 30-60.

Wilkin and the Nordic crew

The Entertainment Crew

Our Cashmere goats are from Nordic Horn in Saint Croix Falls, WI.  The Cashmere is the dreamiest of dreamy with their rare apricot color, and glorious softness.  Its CASHMERE!!!!



Office Manager

Reeves is our Ram.  Gentle Soul.   Reeves is 94.0% registered Teeswater sheep with the ATSA


Luna and Samson

Chief of Security  

Great Pyrenees Pups

Luna knows how to do her job and she does it well in protecting our flock from coyote and birds that prey on the chickens.  Brilliantly,  she only barks when she feels something doesn't feel right.  She loves the cold and her new buddy Samson!


Black Runner Ducks

In House Attorneys

Our Black Runner Ducks are good  a at foraging and producing lots of eggs.   We adore them so much,  a very entertaining breed.  We look forward to adding more to the farm. 

Muscovy Ducks

Human Resources

These Ducks mean business, and welcome everyone that comes to the farm and lets them know what their job entails.  They are also very useful in maintaining bug control.

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